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One-stop Community Living Solution

We pay attention to family life in our community, comprehensively examine customer needs, connect real estate services, all categories of property management services and full cycle of community services, establish an operation control and optimization system, strengthen professional service quality standards, make concerted efforts to allow more people to enjoy a good community life, and provide customers with services to meet all aspects of daily life including clothing, food, living, transportation, education and healthcare.

Community Life Service Platform

Our community life service platform is dedicated to providing owners with high-quality services to meet their needs. It also integrates online and offline resources, reduces intermediate links, and offers customized & cost-effective services to meet owners’ consumption demands promptly.

Online Group Purchasing

Our "iShenma Dongdong" community living shopping platform is a fully developed WeChat mini programme that provides owners with an online group purchasing service. The WeChat mini programme is a consumption scene, and the WeChat community is a tool for operation and maintenance of our customer group.

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Our YOULIFE offers value-added services to enrich the living experience of owners and residents


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